Whenever landlords list their property, there is a strong temptation to skimp on the photographs. You’re not alone in wanting to save time and money, but here’s how professional photographs can be an asset to you as a landlord and homeowner.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Did you know that more than half of the renters browsing through Craigslist skip over listings without any pictures? This means that by choosing not to include photos in your listing, you are eliminating more than 50% of your applicant pool.

Even if you try to write the perfect description, there’s nothing like a set of quality photos to attract attention and make people want to learn more. Most renters want to visualize themselves in the unit before taking the time to visit in person. Having photos will help grab their attention and help you fill that vacancy sooner.

Pictures of your property are useful to have

Many landlords choose to take photos before their first set of tenants even moves in. Why? Because once you need to rent the property again, you already have the photos you need without having to disturb your current tenants or wait until they move out.

Using photos for rental listings is just one case in which they will come in handy. What if you choose to sell your property at a later date and need some nice photos? Already done. What if a service professional has a question about the layout of the home for an upcoming project? Send them a picture.

Choosing to have a set of photos is something that can serve you well for years to come.

Some tips for photographing your house

Professional photography prices will vary depending on your area. If you choose to use a professional who knows about lighting and camera angles, you will end up with much higher quality photos, and your listing will be that much more attractive. In real estate, first impressions matter. And in an era where most buyers and renters do their research online, having professional photos may mean the difference between spending time on your listing and moving on.

Despite the benefits of professional photography, some landlords may not have the money in their budget. If you want to take the photos yourself, opt for a quality camera or (if you must) a good setting on your phone. Take pictures of every room. Don’t neglect the pantries and the closets. Tenants want to see all aspects of the space they may choose to be their home. I don’t know a single renter who complained of a listing having too many pictures!

Make sure to take the photos in the daytime when you have as much natural light as possible. No one wants to see a room by weak lamplight. If you have a unit with windows facing multiple directions, this may mean taking pictures throughout the day (or at different times over the course of a few days) as the light changes.

Clean the clutter! Take pictures empty, staged, but whatever you do, don’t be photographing last night’s dishes or a pile of dirty laundry. Having a clean unit is much more attractive than one that looks obviously lived in.

Final word

Having a set of quality photos will go a long way toward marketing your rental. You can use them again and again for when you need to find tenants or when you eventually sell your property.