We have an exciting announcement! Today, August 28th, we are officially launching Tellus Boost on Product Hunt, a website that allows users to share and learn about the best new products.

Product Hunt is a platform for product-lovers interested in up-and-coming apps, hardware projects, websites, podcasts, books, games, and other tech creations. We are incredibly excited to be able to share our Boost Account with all of you!

Tellus Boost is our cash account that allows you to place your idle cash into a high-yield account. A Tellus Boost account will guarantee you 3% APY for the first 100 days, and after that, we ensure a minimum of 2% APY. This is an asset-backed cash account with daily payouts, granting you access to your earnings whenever you’d like. With Tellus Boost, you can earn over 30x the national average savings rate, setting us apart from any savings account on the market!

Wondering how we can grant such great returns? We can offer much higher returns than traditional banks and credit unions by accessing the power of real estate. Our Tellus Boost accounts are backed by real estate assets, which gives you the stability of real estate investing without the management or maintenance. We give you the high returns you deserve by cutting out the middleman and expensive overhead.

There is no easier, more engaging way to put your cash to work and grow your wealth than with Tellus Boost. We offer free daily boosts that are acquired by simply opening up the Tellus app every day and claiming them. Boosts can be applied to your cash account to temporarily increase your interest rate or principal. We also offer daily quiz questions that are educational and allow you to earn even more boosts to maximize your returns!

Our goal with Tellus Boost is to unlock and democratize real estate by offering higher, more stable returns.

The development of Tellus Boost is an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without hard work from our outstanding team. We wanted to take this opportunity to give some specific shoutouts!

Laurie, on the Tellus engineering team, was one key contributor to Tellus Boost. He has been instrumental in creating many of the underlying accounting and financial structures for the system. Laurie's unique experience as a financial technologist brings depth and perspective that the team relies on when designing and building these critical components.
Vijay, on our Product team, was instrumental in the creation and execution of Boost. He was responsible for product planning, building out all the details, and managing the product lifecycle. Without him quarterbacking the process and bringing together the different teams within Tellus, we would not be where we are today.
Megan, an intern on our Marketing team, also played a huge role in driving the product to fruition. Her can-do attitude and enthusiasm to take on tasks, both big and small, helped us get to the finish line.

We are so proud of them and all others on the Tellus team for making Tellus Boost possible.

At Tellus, we are continuing to grow as a company and work towards our mission of making the wealth-generating power of real estate accessible to everyone. Join us, and start boosting your personal wealth with a Tellus Boost account today!