A Real Estate Platform

Tellus started with an ambitious goal. We wanted to be your go-to real estate platform...for everything.

The idea was that anything real estate related—renting out property, screening tenants, or even refinancing your mortgage—could all be handled on a single platform.

How were we going to achieve such a crazy goal?

We started with property management. We wanted to create the best tools for landlords and property managers without the high price tag.

We focused on big features: chat, payments, contacts, and financial records. We made the features powerful enough to encompass anything our users needed to do.

And then we asked ourselves, “What’s next?”

Tellus Loans

Tellus now offers loans to help homeowners extract their equity like they’re taking money from a bank account. While other lenders might deny you based on your credit score, Tellus bases the loan on your property value. Even if you have a low credit score, you can still get competitive interest rates.

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We believe accessing your money shouldn’t be complicated. This means a simple application, fast turnaround time, and no credit checks.

Tellus Loans come with a simple, digital application.

Tellus Loans help transform your home equity into a liquid asset. But we’re not stopping there.

Tellus Investments

Typically, investors will tell you that real estate is an illiquid asset. They say it’s hard to diversify when you have thousands of dollars tied up in a single property.

Tellus is introducing a new way to invest in residential real estate.

Tellus makes real estate investing more liquid.

With Tellus, you’ll be able to invest in mortgage fractions for instant diversification and reliable, daily returns. Since interest is paid each day, you have ultimate flexibility and can sell whenever you want.

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With each investment backed by real property as collateral, your money is protected and secure. Investors can finally reap the benefits of residential real estate without having all their funds locked away in a single property.

Final Word

In the end, it’s simple. Your money belongs to you. The way it’s always been done is no longer good enough.

If you want the benefits of real estate without having your money tied up, visit our website to sign up for the waitlist. You won’t be disappointed.